PC Booster

PC Booster 7

Optimize your PC in less than 5 minutes


  • Optimizes just about every major component
  • Can also iron out system crashes
  • Easy to administer and use


  • Some tweaks seem ineffective or unnecessary


Trying to find ways of boosting the speed of your PC is a constant uphill battle and whether you add software or hardware, any improvement never seems to last long.

With increasingly sophisticated programs putting more pressure on your RAM and CPU this is hardly surprising but sometimes, just a bit of tweaking may be all you need. PC Booster 2008 works via an interface that looks something like a virus checker although instead of checking for infections, PC Booster 2008 checks for areas of your system that could do with tightening up.

What's nice is that PC Booster 2008 gives you various options such as Optimize, Autotune, Stabilize, Customize and Benchmark your system. So for example, if you've been suffering frequent crashes, you'll want to try and stabilize your machine. If speed has been an issue, optimizing it will be better. It's not entirely clear what the difference is between Autotune and Optimize and PC Booster 2008 developers could probably have combined these two functions into one but wither way, the result is that your system should run faster.

Within each option in PC Booster 2008, you're given several sub-categories so for example, if you choose Optimize, you are given options for hard disk tweaks, network tweaks, memory tweaks etc. Although this gives you the feeling that you're really getting deep down into your system, I'm still skeptical as to exactly how much difference they really make.

If you're looking for a faster, more responsive system or are looking to iron out annoying crashes and system failures, PC Booster 2008 is worth a try.

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